Rachel & Shane Krider’s third episode of their personal development podcast teaches you how to find happiness. Below is a snippet of the podcast where Shane explains how he found his drive to find happiness.

When I got into personal development initially, I decided early on that the ultimate idea is that I would become a person that can inspire, motivate, teach, and train people the way the people that I was reading about were teaching, training, inspiring, and motivating me. Not just from a place of knowledge, but more importantly from a place of real-world results. Unique, high-level results that just most people in life will never get. I wanted to be one of those people.

Coming from where I was, it seemed like the biggest, farthest away thing. But you know, one success at a time, one realization at a time. When you fast forward some years, and you’re there, you’re doing it. It’s amazing. But it’s important to remember that it’s all a cumulative thing. I identified my purpose, what I want to turn my life into, the things I want to stand for, the things I want to make more real for everybody else.

When I was working other jobs, the thing I constantly saw was that people are not happy with the success that they can create the job and the uncertainty with the job. That’s when I thought; I would love to find something that puts me above that. I would love to find something that allows me to not be at the effect of all those negative things. I would love to ultimately be able to create something that would set other people free as well, at least if they’re willing to do what it takes to be successful with that. That’s something I was able to do, but that was a big, outrageous picture of gold. That was long-term thinking.

You see, I started out with pain driving me into vigilance because no matter how hard I worked at the job, I couldn’t get the promotion, I couldn’t get the money I needed to make. That pain drove me into vigilance, but eventually, I switched to more of a “carrot drive.” I’m still waking up to this. I need to wake up to the fact that I need to be vigilant in my life to be successful, but it needs to be positive vigilance.

Shane Krider is a successful personal development life coach, producer, speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Along with his wife, Shane is the co-host of Born to Prosper’s Mind Power, which is a self-help podcast which challenges its listeners to delve deep into their minds to find success. In addition, Shane travels the world in luxury to speak to aspiring entrepreneurs at conferences and workshops to inspire them to find their own pathways to success. Shane Krider is part of The Prosperity of Life Network, a United States-based personal development business with a presence in 52+ countries.