Many leaders and entrepreneurs are sold on the idea that hard work and paying your dues will guarantee future success. Indeed, the idea of pulling yourself up by the bootstraps is something we aspire to do.


Persistence is key when it comes to the subject of leadership and success. Sure, perseverance and having grit have a great deal to do with being a successful leader. But that’s not all there is to it. Here are lessons other lessons that true leaders always keep in mind.


Identify your purpose and rally around it


Successful leaders identify their passions and life goals and leverage them to create a business, help people and make positive impacts on the world. By making their unique dreams and aspirations the framework around which their companies operate, leaders fulfill their missions in life without ever feeling like they are working.


Though this seems like common sense, it may be difficult to discern what fields or interests you should pursue long-term.  


Say no


Refrain from simply always saying no. Purposefully try and deliberate and strategically eliminate the nonessentials. Not just once a year as part of a planning meeting, but constantly reducing, focusing and simplifying. Not just getting rid of the obvious time wasters, but being willings to cut out terrific opportunities as well. Few appear to have the courage to live this principle, which may be may it differentiates successful people and organizations from the very successful ones.


After taking stock of what is essential, prioritize and focus on tasks that only you can or should do. Delegate those that are urgent but do not need your full time and attention.


Listen rather than react.


The benefits of active listening are two-fold. First, it will help you get a better idea of what is going on before making informed decisions.


Listening instead of reacting will allow you to build effective working relationships that help your organization reach the next level. Listening is one of the easiest ways to get good karma and establish positive relationships with everyone around you.