Rachel & Shane Krider’s third episode of their personal development podcast teaches you how to find happiness and the power of identifying your purpose. Below is a snippet of the podcast where Shane discusses one of the main ideas of Daniel Pink’s self-help book, Drive, needing to be in flow in order to find happiness.

The 21st century author, Daniel Pink, knows a little bit about happiness. He knows a little bit about what it really takes for people to succeed and be on purpose. I love referring to his book, Drive.

He basically talks about the need to be in flow. When you’re getting into. flow you get to the point where you’re not thinking about what you’re doing, you’re not all up in your head, and you’re just in the groove, you’re in the moment, you’re making it happen. That’s when we do our best work. Statistically, your productivity goes through the roof when you get in this place of flow. Your creativity goes through the roof, your joy goes through the roof. All of this success, it all comes about from getting in the flow.

What we’re talking about here is a formula. We’re going to give you guys a bit of a formula to get more and more into flow. You’re not going to get in the flow doing things that you have to do. You get in flow by doing things that fulfill you. Granted, you might have to get a little bit creative to figure out what fulfills your heart and also put food on the table, but that’s part of the game of life. It’s something that we all have to figure out. If you want to be more successful, if you want things to be easier, you want to have more joy, if you want to gain the respect of more people, it’s just all an upward spiral.

Shane Krider is a successful personal development life coach, producer, speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Along with his wife, Shane is the co-host of Born to Prosper’s Mind Power, which is a self-help podcast which challenges its listeners to delve deep into their minds to find success. In addition, Shane travels the world in luxury to speak to aspiring entrepreneurs at conferences and workshops to inspire them to find their own pathways to success. Shane Krider is part of The Prosperity of Life Network, a United States-based personal development business with a presence in 52+ countries.