Rachel & Shane Krider’s third episode of their personal development podcast teaches you how to find happiness. Below is a snippet of the podcast where Shane identifies happiness as a progressive realization of a worthy ideal.

I think we derail ourselves because we try to package our purpose. We think it should be this neat, tidy thing.

I can find a theme throughout my life where I can start to really understand what my purpose is. But, my purpose has definitely evolved. It’s the progressive happiness. The progressive successes.

Earl Nightingale said “success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” Well, so is happiness. I mean, it’s a progressive realization of a worthy ideal and part of it is just the unfolding of starting to really realize what your purpose is and how to really express that.

At the end of the day, we‘re all very similar. We want the same things. We want to be happy. We want to be healthy. We want our loved ones to be happy and healthy. We want to have relationships that are deep in our heart. Want to be respected and admired.

And yeah, maybe a really cool car or a cool motorcycle!

On a deep level, there’s a lot of things we have in common.

Shane Krider is a successful personal development life coach, producer, speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Along with his wife, Shane is the co-host of Born to Prosper’s Mind Power, which is a self-help podcast which challenges its listeners to delve deep into their minds to find success. In addition, Shane travels the world in luxury to speak to aspiring entrepreneurs at conferences and workshops to inspire them to find their own pathways to success. Shane Krider is part of The Prosperity of Life Network, a United States-based personal development business with a presence in 52+ countries.