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About Shane Krider

Shane Krider is a highly successful entrepreneur and life coach who has been a constant student of leadership development and personal development for twenty years. His desire to learn how to increase business results propelled him into the world of personal development. It was within this sector that Shane found professional and personal success.

Shane started his first business at 26-years old, working as an independent sales agent in the travel industry. His drive, passion and natural entrepreneurial abilities saw him achieve momentous success and within just two years he’d become a self-made millionaire.

An avid entrepreneur, Shane is continually expanding on his success, utilizing his passion for personal development and talent for public speaking, to launch new business ventures. Krider’s interest in the human spirit led him to be the Executive Producer of five documentary films. One of which, Unbeaten, was shortlisted for an Oscar.

Krider greatly values his wife and three children, and loves the opportunities his success has brought them. Being able to constantly travel together, while maintaining his successful business is a fortunate lifestyle they enjoy.

“I have a true passion for helping people from all over the world gain greater levels of perception through personal development teachings.” Shane Krider

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Why Having Conviction Makes for a Great Leader

Why Having Conviction Makes for a Great Leader

A great leader is one that knows exactly what their next step is. Whether it be at work, in their personal life, or goals that are being reached as a collective effort in a society, having conviction makes for a leader that many people want to follow. Some of the best leaders that ever lived, like Martin Luther King Jr, Abraham Lincoln, and Gandhi, knew their exact purpose of the position that they were in. They used traits such as strength, emotional intelligence, and refrained from questioning their motives to project themselves into the spaces that they wanted to occupy in life not only for themselves but for others that had the same goals as them.

Strength develops from going through situations that were unexpected and successfully persisting. A leader that leads from a position of strength focuses not on the negatives that are happening, but a way through the obstacles. As a leader, there must be conviction behind the things that you are trying to achieve. Operating from a power of strength is one way to prove that you are worthy to be followed.

Positivity is also something that ties in with conviction and leadership. As a leader, you can not talk down on your own cause; if you do, those who follow you will begin to waver also. You must keep a leveled head and spread the positive messages that you are trying to convey. Like both Dr. King and Gandhi, they both used positivity to achieve overall success.

Emotional intelligence may be an unexpected trait great leader possesses. Being able to understand your fears as a leader and containing them will greatly affect how you are able to lead. Having the awareness that unplanned situations may arise during your journey, but being able to appropriately adjust to them without bringing fear and uncertainty to those who are following behind you is a sign of impressive leadership. 

The willingness to do whatever it takes is one of the most substantial traits of a leader. As a leader, people are looking up to you and watching for your next step. You can not back down from things that scare you, you must learn to rewrite your plans if something does change. Doing whatever it takes to achieve the greatest possible outcome for each situation is what leading is all about.

Those that have these traits will develop into the leaders that they aspire to become.  With that, they will be able to create a better environment for both themselves and those around them.

The Importance of a Healthy Work-Life Balance

The Importance of a Healthy Work-Life Balance

One of the most common struggles that most adults have is maintaining a proper work-life balance. Many individuals can easily make their work their top priority, which can stifle their personal life. There are a few relevant facts to understand why work-life balance is important

Avoid Burnouts

Although you may be passionate about your job or have a long list of tasks to complete each day, burnouts can be unavoidable if you’re committing yourself too much to your career. Setting aside time for your personal life is necessary to avoid burnouts and have time to recharge, which will give you the energy that is needed to continue working hard without feeling overwhelmed. If you fail to give yourself time to spend with loved ones or to enjoy your hobbies, it can cause the stress of your job to transfer over into your personal life, which can affect how happy you are over time.

Maintain Your Health

Most people are aware of the impact that stress can have on your health, which can lead to chronic conditions that affect your ability to work and thrive. If the stress of your job becomes too consistent after several months or years, you can begin to suffer from digestive issues or respiratory problems. Insomnia or sleep apnea can also develop due to high-stress levels, which can affect your productivity each day. Make it a point to take breaks, take at least one day off during the week, and avoid thinking about your work when you’re away from the office.

Strengthen Your Relationships

The relationships that you share with other people will begin to suffer if you’re not maintaining a proper work-life balance. You may spend so much time at work that you don’t give enough attention to your spouse, children, or friends. Over time, you can lose the connection that you share with your loved ones, which can become regrettable in the future. Make it a point to take time off of work and spend your free time investing in those who are most important to you, which will prove to be more valuable than spending extra hours at the office.

Increase Your Productivity

Taking time off of work will prove to make you more productive because it will allow you to clear your head, which can increase your cognitive function. You’ll feel rested when returning and can produce better work.

Synchronicity Explained: The Final 3 Steps

Synchronicity Explained: The Final 3 Steps

Shane Krider and his wife, Rachel Krider, discuss the meaningful coincidences that come from synchronicity in an episode of their personal development podcast. This episode highlights five steps to help your life prosper. The blog below is about steps three, four, and five: being playful in your perception, trusting your snap judgments, and following the breadcrumbs. See the earlier blogs for how to clear your intentions and stop resisting outcomes.

Years ago, I was fired from my job. What most people think when they’re fired is “Oh my goodness, I better take a step back. I have a family to support.” But what I decided to do was become playful with my perception of everything that was seemingly going wrong. I thought, “what happens if this is absolutely perfect? What if the universe is just testing me?”

On one level, that sounds ridiculous. But you know, on another level you have to ask: what if? Who knows what could happen? Nobody can predict the future. So here’s how I see it. If I’m willing to go down this path, if I’m willing to pick up the pieces if it falls apart it will be worth it. If I’m willing to pay the price, I can be willing to give myself the space I need to be successful. I may not succeed at this the first time. I might fail. But I’m learning things to better myself along the way.

By becoming a little playful with my perception, I’m allowing myself all of these opportunities to succeed. In tandem, you also must learn to trust your snap judgments.

When I first learned about the business, in the moment, in the opportunity of learning, my snap judgment was “I can do this.” I had to trust that snap judgment. Even as time went on, day after day after that, things did not go so well. But as you know, life happens and not every step you take is a positive step. Through that, I had to continue to trust that snap judgment.

Some people will see these small failures as omens. They’ll say, “that was an omen so I guess I’ll stop trying.”

But that’s not trusting your snap judgment. Trust that original judgment that you can do this. Continue to believe that you’re going to do it, continue to act as if you have no choice but to succeed. Once again, if the pieces fall apart, I’m willing to pick them up and put them back together again. Whatever I have to do to put it back right, I’m willing to do it. I’m not too proud.

Finally, it’s just following the breadcrumbs, from one synchronistic event to the next.

Shane Krider is a successful personal development life coach, producer, speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Along with his wife, Shane is the co-host of Born to Prosper’s Mind Power, which is a self-help podcast which challenges its listeners to delve deep into their minds to find success. In addition, Shane travels the world in luxury to speak to aspiring entrepreneurs at conferences and workshops to inspire them to find their own pathways to success. Shane Krider is part of The Prosperity of Life Network, a United States-based personal development business with a presence in 52+ countries.